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Pushing Boundaries   

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Pushing Boundaries | 3.28.00

John Reeve
Braden Jones
Michael Payne

Matt Steele

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Fred Bonus

Pushing Boundaries:
Design Firm Steps Beyond Current Web Limitations with New Typeface Utility

SANTA BARBARA, Calif.— Web designers around the world can breathe a collective sigh of relief thanks to the creative minds at Reeve+Jones Design. The small, focused company committed to comprehensive Web development is also an experimental bunch who is proud to introduce "Sigmund," the very first bitmap font using its own PHP utility for the dynamic display of text on Web pages.

Developed by John Reeve, the utility which currently boasts a 5-pixel typeface in normal, bold, condensed and condensed bold with 6 and 7 pixel alternatives in the works, gives designers the freedom to set the kerning, style and color, as well as the comfort of knowing all browsers will display the typeface as intended.

"As designers we are often forced to reconcile our vision with the capabilities of the Web—especially when it comes to typefaces," said Reeve. "With Sigmund, designers are no longer restricted to simply using system fonts or creating images during production."

Founded in 2000, Reeve+Jones Design's acclaimed team of professionals brings a refreshing approach to the industry. Known not only for their creative project development and their passion for design, it's their desire to share new technologies that emphasizes their effort to forge stronger ties within the Web community. In fact, the Sigmund Type Utility is just one of many "Sidecar" software projects the firm is working on. Give it a test drive or download at www.reevejones.com/sigmund