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John Reeve | Digital Mechanic   

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Pushing Boundaries | 3.28.00

John Reeve
Braden Jones
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Matt Steele

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William D. Fairfield
Fred Bonus

John Reeve embraces a deep passion for the creative process and expands boundaries through an honest commitment to professional design and innovative concepts.

John Reeve graduated from the highly recognized school of Art & Design at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Since that time, he has designed Web sites and created marketing images for high profile companies throughout the United States. John also has a background in Computer Science and has developed several Web applications using PERL, PHP, and SQL. He has worked as a web developer for companies such as the CAD Research Center, Orlimar Golf, and NetLojix Communications.

John worked as Creative Director on the following Web sites:
NetLojix Communications
Windows on the World

You can contact him by email at