This utility was developed to allow Web designers to display dynamic content using the Sigmund™ typeface, negating the tedious task of creating static images during production. This utility uses a URL encoded <IMG> tag that instructs our webserver to plot the dynamic image. The string sent in the tag can determine type size, kerning, and color. Once you see how the string is formatted, it should be quite easy to build your own custom image requests.

Use this form to create a URL encoded <IMG> tag that you can copy and paste into your HTML source code. When a viewer loads your web page our server will supply the transparent image.

String *:
5px Normal    5px Bold   
5px Condensed    5px Condensed Bold
Red:   Green:   Blue:

Download Source Code
(NOTE: A webserver running PHP is required to run this utility)
Click here to download the source code (7.25 kb)

Overview of Variables
size [ 5n | 5c | 5b | 5cb ]
kern [ 0 - 20 ]
r [ 00 - FF ] (hexadecimal)
g [ 00 - FF ] (hexadecimal)
b [ 00 - FF ] (hexadecimal)

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