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AMS Entertainment   

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Company Background | www.amsdj4u.com
AMS Entertainment is the nations premier mobile disc jockey, karaoke and entertainment service.

Create a site that unifies the company's franchises under a common identity and allows clients to fill out event forms online.

We incorporated the existing identity into a new web site layout and created CGI scripts to handle the online form processing.

AMS Entertainment | Result   

"As a national franchise company our Reeve/Jones designed web site was a huge improvement over our previous site. The functionality of the site is exactly what we were looking for. In addition, the upgrade in design and visual appeal played a significant part in increasing the franchisees satisfaction with our web presence. Our franchises are eager to send their clients to use our interactive site. In addition, we have noticed an increase in activity from the site due to the high design quality." - Tad Clark